AmEx Novel to Actice Directory Migration Project

Mission Objective: Migrate all AmEx employees from Novel to MS Active Directory

June 25th, 2007
Sirius Net Systems designs Novel to Active Directory migration program for American Express's 60k+ employees world wide:

Every 7 years American Express (AmEx) awards a new IT support contract to support many of their IT needs world wide and to work with AmEx's internal IT departments. As with many of these types of contracts between multi-billion dollar corporations sub contractors play a vital role.
COMSYS is one of the subcontractors IBM selected. Based on IBM's needs COMSYS approached Sirius Net Systems to assist with their support of the IBM / AmEx project work. COMSYS presented SNS to IBM due in part to their international project management experience, full spectrum IT experience, and previous fortune 500 experience.
An IBM program manager selected Sirius Net Systems to manage multiple projects. Most notably the Program design and individual project management for American Express's employee migration from Novel to Microsoft Active Directory.

Project Management services on the successfully completed projects included:
• Managing SAN to NAS Migration Program including decommissioning of legacy hardware.
• Designing and running Windows 2003 Active Directory migration program off of Novel for 60k+ users across the world. Building and managing each project team for individual group / organization migrations. Including servers, SAN, NAS, printers, multi-function devices, users, and PDA’s.
• Managing multiple file server refresh and decommission projects.
• Utilization of multiple IBM / AmEx web based tools. Rational Portfolio Manager, Lotus Notes.
• Managing global resources for project life cycles.
• Regular and ongoing preparation and utilization of Scope of Work, Communication Plans, Project Plans, Requirements Confirmation, Completion Criteria, Risk Analysis, Issue Logs/Tracking, Action Items, Project Completion Letters, Lessons Learned, and budget/actual documents. Project Management Review process & Project Control Books.
• Six Sigma, Lean, & Kaizen training & utilization. Ongoing Project Management and tool training.
• Creating power point decks and making presentations. Typical audience: VP's, Directors GPMs (First Lines), and PMs. Analyzing desired objectives and using decks as high level description of our findings and our proposed solutions. Content was collected from interviews, analysis of multiple data sources and individuals.