Assisting Club.Live with rapid growth.

Mission Objective: Analyze and develop a containment and verification program for awards.

January 10th, 2008
Sirius Net Systems assists Club.Live with thier growing pains from rapid success.

Direct Technologies developed Club.Live, now ClubBing, on behalf of and functioned as both an onsite and off site vendor. The huge success of Club.Live caused a significant level of gaming fraud.

Program Management services on the successfully completed projects included:
• Managing Fraud & Support programs for in the face of rapid growth of 2 Billion queries and 28 million unique users.
• Managed initial crises of overwhelming unchecked orders. Determined 80% of initial orders were fraudulent, cleared ok’d orders for shipment. Implemented solution that reduced fraudulent orders to 4%.
• Managing remote DirectApps team resources including Devs, DBA’s, Security Analyst, Dev PM’s, System Admin and QA
• Interacting with MS GPMs, PMs.
• Analyzed existing fraudulent order and game play techniques
• Envisioned and designed solutions to automate real time and batch detection and prevention.