Domain Traffic Redirection Project

Mission Objective: Analyze and develop a program to convert millions of requsts for unused domains owned by Microsoft resulting in a generic site map display into millions of succesful searches for site users.

May 20th, 2008
Along with an LG Consulting member Sirius Net Systems co-created and project managed the Domain Traffic Redirection (DTR) project. A joint venture between Bing Search, formerly Live Search, and a.k.a. MScom.

Over the years microsoft built up a library of domains comprised of defensive purchases, acquistions and fraud cases that were underutilized. The majoraty of these domains went to a generic Microsoft site map. Our project team devised a stratagy to utilize key parts of the domain name as a Bing search term and display the results for the user. This provided a greatly improved experience for the customer and increased Bing's search traffic.

Project Management services on the successfully completed project included:
• Managing project to direct inactive domains to Live search.
• Engaging DNS Team
• Hiring and managing SQL DBA and SQL development
• Scoping back end database needs
• Monthly search traffic is ranging from 30 million to 54 million queries.