MSN Shopping Localization Project

Mission Objective: Manage the analysis, coding and roll out of the lates US MSN Shopping code to select markets in APAC and EMEA.


June 7th, 2006
Sirius Net Systems completes it's first project at Microsoft: selected HCL as an onsite vendor to manage the analysis, coding and roll out of the latest US MSN Shopping code to select markets in Asia, Pacific, Canada (APAC) and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

HCL selected Sirius Net Systems to manage the project because of their international business, cultural experience, full spectrum IT experience, and previous experience with another local fortune 500 company, Boeing.

Project Management services on the successfully completed project included:
• Managing onshore and off shore HCL teams. Interacting with MS GPMs, PMs, and Devs.
• Full life cycle management of 32 front end (FE) Bugs: Triage, Approach, Documents, Reviews, Testing, Check in, and Deployment.
• Managing Localization & Deployment for international markets including APAC, EMEA. Including all server, cluster, backup, and fail over configurations.
• Management and configuration design of 11 Servers in Redmond test lab Data Center and over 50 servers for APAC and EMEA deployments.
• Managing Hot Fixes and New Bugs resulting from end to end testing.
• Smoke Test Plan creation and execution for various Locales.
• Utilizing Agile Scrum Sprint Method. Product Studio, Windows Test Tracking (WTT), Source Depot, SQL Server 2005 and other Microsoft Tools.
• Managed Integration or Set Up of Word Breaker, Speller, Ratings & Reviews, Nickname Services, SmartCat, and AutoMatcher.