Sirius PMP Services Launch

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May 18th, 2016
Sirius PMP Services Launch
Sirius Net Systems launches Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Services Program with key focuses and Best Practices Mandate. Program targets Small to Mid-Sized Businesses and Funded Start Ups.

Program Includes:
• Certified PMP Fixed Cost Pre-Kick Off Service Packages
• Certified PMP SOW Time and Materials Services for Project Kick Off through Project Close
• Leveraging over 11 years of Fortune 500 dedicated PM service
• Goal and Benefits
• C-Level Sponsored Projects that have a direct benefit to core company objectives
• Work in the heart of passion and corporate drive.
• Proper project Initiating and Planning is the most critical factor in how much time sponsors and key stakeholders spend during Execution phase.
• Healthy projects have a spike in involvement during the pre-kick off phase, it goes way down during development, and spikes again during project deliverable validation and roll out.
• It’s just as important for a corporation to make sure the timing of a project is in the best interest of the company and it’s customers as the success of the project. Because of this the Pre-Kick packages include move forward, postpone or cancel check points. The Fixed-Cost Packages also provide clear costs to move through the initiating and planning processes to achieve the fully aligned Scope, Schedule and Cost Baselines.

Our CEO’s desire to make companies’ biggest goals a reality fuels the PMP Services Program as well as industry research.