SNS focuses on Renewable Energy

September 14th, 2009
Renewable Energy & Micro Grids can potentially impact 100% of the market place. Holistic green communities, sites, and residences will benefit from SNS's vast program management and product experience as these programs and projects are rolled out.

Renewable Energy: Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are a tried and tested form of energy generation. GE has more than 11,000 installations world wide with over twenty years of experience.
Numerous other companies have proven track records with smaller wind turbine installations.
Vertical Wind Turbine manufactures currently have installed products, and are constantly improving there efficiencies and costs. The vertical turbines are the best wind implementation for residential areas.
- They are much quieter
- Little to no vibration so roof top installations are possible.
- Instead of eye pollution, they're closer to modern art.

Renewable Energy: Photo Voltaics (PV) or Solar Panels
Well established technology whose efficiencies are only improving and prices are continually dropping.

Energy Storage
The key to a successfully renewable energy program is storage. The nature of wind and turbine generation is variable.
Energy storage allows for a cushion to bridge the gaps when production is lower than demand.
• For large scale systems Sodium Sulfite (NaS) batteries are tried and true with over 10 years of commercial installation history.
• Small-scale systems have also been in place for years, but the battery life is too short for great economic efficiencies.
• Working prototypes currently exist that will come to market soon that bridge the efficiency and cost gap for a typical residence.
• Hydrogen energy storage and geo (in the earth) energy storage also exist.

Micro Grids - Distributed Energy - Island Generation
The best middle to long term solutions are Micro Grids, also referred to as Distributed Energy or Island Generation.
Distributed Energy comes from the idea instead of there being a massive power plant, individual homes or organizations generate energy and supply it to themselves and the grid.
Island Generation is the same idea, yet the term emphasizes the fact that the island can be independent of the grid or share with the grid.
• Best for local and national energy security because a single incident can impact a major percentage of our nation in our current grid configuration, yet a single incident would only impact the one facility and that facility could get it's energy from other sources on the grid.
• Each micro grid can potentially generate money by selling excess energy to the grid.
• Once the system is paid for. The cost of energy is very low.
• Cost effective systems are available for communities and SNS has the know how to mange the whole project life cycle.