Once your Baselines Are Aligned and Approved the PMP work effort is driven by the project demands. Due to this reality, the pricing model changes to hourly plus expenses.

We work with you to align on the project’s Time and Materials Statement Of Work (SOW) Contract for PMP Services.

Pre-Kick Off processes and planning need completion then the Kick Off meeting scheduled.

PMP Duties:
• Manage Entire Project from approved baselines through transition & Closing
• Perform or Review thorough Risk Assessment
• Review current Project Management Plan
• Complete or update Project Management Plan including but not limited to below:
o Risk Management Plan
o Procurement Management Plan
o Resource Management Plan
o Configuration Management Plan
o Change Management Plan
o Quality Management Plan
o Process Improvement Plan
o Communications Management Plan
• Drive Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing Processes
• Provide Regular Status Updates
• Address all other project needs leveraging soft skills and PMP Training